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CapaBunga® is a reusable silicone cap that reseals a bottle of wine after you remove the cork. It’s made to resemble the bungs used to seal barrels during winemaking. Once you remove the cork and re-seal the bottle with a CapaBunga®, it is liquid tight and the bottle can rest on its side or even upside down without leaking. No more jamming the cork back in the bottle, no more rearranging the fridge to fit an open bottle in the door. The open bottle can also be stored on it’s side in the fridge or on a wine rack. CapaBunga® fits virtually every wine bottle.

CapaBunga® was invented by two winery owners in Northern California’s Wine Country for use on their own wine, Rua. The 2 pack Slogan line was released by the company in late 2011. CapaBunga® was recently awarded a patent for their product.

Slogan LineSlogan Line

The Slogan Line, released by the company in late 2011, features 12 fun and whimsical sayings on top of each brightly colored CapaBunga®. The colors are pink, red, green, purple, blue, orange, white and black. They are sold in a two pack and are available for purchase here.

Designer LineDesigner Line

The Designer Line, released by the company in late 2013, features 4 modern designs on top of each CapaBunga®. The colors are green, brown, black and gray. Plain CapaBungas® are also available in yellow, orange, black, purple, blue, white, red and green. They are sold in a two pack and are available for purchase here.


Holiday Line

Holiday Line

This line was originally released to extend the fun aspect of CapaBunga into the 2012 holiday season. These caps come in two packs and are perfect for any holiday occasion. They are sold in a two pack and are available for purchase here.


Custom CapaBunga®

CapaBunga® has been sold as a customizable product since the company’s inception. The minimum order for customization is 200 and lead-time is a minimum of 6 weeks. Please click here for more information on customizing a CapaBunga® with your logo.

Ultimate Wine Preservation Kit

Ultimate Wine Preservation Kit

Wine Preserve by CapaBunga® prevents wine spoilage. By using the same inert gases used in the production and bottling of wine it displaces harmful oxygen meaning your wine will last for days, weeks and even months.

Wine Preserve by CapaBunga® blankets the wine's surface in the bottle - it will not strip out a wine's aromas unlike vacuum devices.

Ultimate Wine Preservation Kit includes one can of CapaBunga® Wine Preserve (120 uses) and 3 CapaBunga® caps. It is available for purchase here.



The reusable cap for a wine bottle


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