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Market Tote


Market Tote


Broken eggs.  Bruised peaches.  Bags falling over? These are just some of the problems you encounter at the grocery store with a large, floppy bag and at the Farmer’s market with your wide, flat basket.  Your only solution is to pile all your purchases on top of one another and hope the bag or basket doesn’t tip over on your way home.

The Market Tote is your solution. Divide your bounty into separate compartments and keep eggs, glass bottles and your most fragile food intact. Cinch a bunch of flowers to the outside allowing them to drip on the ground rather than in the bag. The sturdy, structured construction and vegan leather base allows the bag to stand on its own as you wind your way back home. 

Market Tote size is 11x11.5x13”

Named 'Best Tote to take to the Farmer's Market' by Epicurious - check out the review HERE

Named a 'Clever Item to simplify your life' by Real Simple Magazine - check out the review HERE

Selected for Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop Holiday Buying Guide - check out the review HERE

Selected for Food 52s Buying Guide - Gifts Under $50 - check it out Here

Selected for Bobby Berk's (Queer Eye) Buying Guide - check it out Here

Other uses include Bocce, Grocery Store, Garden, Lake, Boat, Baby, Home, Art Supplies, Wine Bag

Customization is available at relatively low quantities (48 pieces)

Demand is very high! Natural is NOW back in stock! Petrol Blue are both is out of stock and Magenta stock is very low. 

New color released 11/21/19 - grey with black vegan leather base and handles.