Our Story

We're here to solve your everyday problems if you want to learn how we do it, please read on.

It started with a kiss...

 May 2000

 We met through the wine industry back in the late 90s. After long distance dating across the United States, we really wanted to spend as much time as possible together. So, after marrying in 2000, we started our first company out of our home while making the actual wine at a custom crush facility in Sonoma County. We sold it in 2006 when our daughter was one and traveling with her became too difficult




What kind of person chooses to work with their spouse?

In 2009, we were given a gift, well, that’s how we see it now! The wine company we had developed was lost when the merger hit a roadblock and suddenly we lost everything we'd worked so hard to establish. Both of us were out of work with no source of income while our kid was just starting kindergarten (WHAAAT?)

So, what did we do? We borrowed money from family and started another business, making wine. (We did WHAAAT?)

Our Merlot grapes in veraison

                                                                                   Walt climbing up the barrels to check on progress 



An idea in a dream or a dream of an idea?

While thinking about a way to make our Napa Valley red wine more unique, Walt woke up one night with an idea (seriously, it came to him in a dream!) With some fine tuning, he invented a cap to reseal an open bottle of wine. After using the first one, we knew instantly all wine drinkers had to have at least one. CapaBunga, the business, was born. We started dreaming about how to share it.


Invented by winemakers?

We knew our little cap could help wine drinkers so we took a leap of faith, We spent thousands to have a booth at the New York Gift Show because we just had to share that there was a better and simpler way to reseal a bottle of wine. The response was tremendous so, as our kid grew, so did our quest to fix all the tools that had been frustrating us and other wine drinkers and foodies for years.


So, how do we solve your everyday problems?



Sick of your cheese molding before you can finish it?
Tired of thinking you have to have a special occasion or a friend over to enjoy just one glass of bubbles?

    These are the kind of annoying everyday problems we work to solve.We simply just look at things we use every day and start talking about how we could improve them. But constantly we think, there's got to be a better way.

    We want to help make your life simpler, yet richer so you can enjoy as much quality time with family and friends as possible. We hope you'll join us. 


    It started with a kiss, never thought it would come to this...

    Hot Chocolate