Green & Gold Gift Set

$36.98 $32.95

Our three most popular wine accessories are now available in one kit at a savings of 10% (use your one time sign up code for an additional 10%).

There are four style variations of the kit but each kit includes an ergonomic handled corkscrew, our popular CapaBubbles Champagne Stopper to reseal your favorite Champagne, Sparkling Wine or Prosecco keeping it fresh for up to a week and two CapaBunga wine caps to reseal your still wine so you can store them in the fridge on their side (without any leaks) or in the door without rearranging the contents.

This gift set has 

  • Gold Celebrate Champagne Stopper
  • Patented Green Ergonomic Corkscrew
  • CapaBunga Wine Caps - More Wine, Less Whine & Pour, Drink, Repeat


A great gift for the wine lover in your life!