Black Bubbly CapaBubbles®


Do you hate that you can't just have a glass of bubbles anytime you want because you think you have to finish the whole bottle?

Are you tired of only having bubbles on special occasions? 

Now you can have Champagne and Sparkling Wine anytime you want!! 

CapaBubbles® is a reusable silicone cap that reseals a bottle of sparkling wine once it is opened. An adaptation of the original CapaBunga®, it transforms a bottle of sparkling wine into a screw cap bottle. The cap has a threaded insert that once unscrewed from the base clips under the flange of the sparkling wine bottle, the cap is then twisted down on top of this piece preserving the bubbles in your Champagne or Sparkling wine for up to one week. We recommend removing the foil from the Sparkling wine before attaching the threaded insert.

DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN as it may cause the cap to crack.

It is simple to use with the added bonus that the low profile means it can easily fit in a fridge door and a user can control the amount of effervescence unlike a traditional bouchon stopper where gas escapes abruptly. The video below also shows clearly how CapaBubbles works.




To remove the clip after finishing the bottle. Check to make sure you are trying to open the right side opposite the pin. Use the thumb tabs and pull away from each other. If still too tight slide a butter knife under the tab & pull apart and away from the pin. The key is to make sure you’re not doing this on the side where the pin is. 

Customer Reviews

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Jennie Jurado-Todriguez
Love CapaBunga

I have Enjoyed your product, have given it to friends as a gift and they all love it.

Great purchase

I purchased this in a little gift shop and it worked so well that I had to give it as a gift! Great idea! We never finish a bottle of bubbly and this preserves it wonderfully!


Love the champagne CapaBubbles!! I always used a rolled up paper towel to hold the fizz, but never worked! The CapaBubbles keep my bubbly super fizzy!

Jennie Jurado-Todriguez
Used for gifts

Most of my family and friends who received these items as gift have enjoyed the product. I have made 2-3 additional purchases since my first time ordering this product.

Kathy Haren
Love it

Second time ordering