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We at Hop Kiln Winery love, love, love the Capabungas® so much so that we put our Estate HKG (Hop Kiln Grown) logo on them and we sell out every order in our tasting room. We have bought and sold thousands -literally! My tasting room staff loves shaking the bottle around and demonstrating how the wines will never leak from the bottle even after vigorous shaking! Our over 400 plus wine club members received one in their wine club shipments for Christmas this year and they swear by the tight fit and that they never have to worry about the cork leaking in the fridge anymore. It's like Tupper ware for wine bottles!

Ellissa Anderson, Tasting Room Manager at Hop Kiln Winery, Sonoma County, CA

Hahn Family Wines has been using CapaBungas by the truckload for years and we can't get enough of them. We put our signature Hahn "rooster" logo on our CapaBungas, and we have them in restaurants, tasting rooms, at trade shows, and wine competitions. The trade loves them and we love the fact that they strengthen our branding message to the trade. If you see a bottle of our wine, a CapaBunga is always close behind. What can I say? It's CapaBunga dude!

Bill Leigon, Former President, Hahn Family Wines, Napa, CA – now President/Owner of Jamieson Ranch, Napa, CA

I wish I had invented this!! Best closure for sparkling wines... period! Love the way the CapaBubbles keeps my sparkling wine fresh for days in our winery tasting room; at home, I love that I can open a bottle and just pour one glass, knowing that the wine will be in excellent condition days later

Kathleen Inman -Owner, Inman Family Wines, Russian River Valley, CA

“Congratulations on the success of the Cheese Vault and the accolades that have come your way. It is such a great idea and its popularity continues at our store with both colors

Carolyn Campbell, Kitchen Kaboodle, Portland, OR

Great product. We have a lot of other bottle corks that are pretty, but do not fit in fridge. These are perfect to fit in fridge. Nice and secure fit.


Got these as a gift and love them so much I have bought several pairs for others as gifts. Fit like a glove and allow the wine bottle to stand up in the fridge due to the flat top. Excellent product.

S. Riedel

...the CapaBungas were a HUGE success for us! We gave one to everyone who visited our booth at the Orlando Food & Wine Festival and they really appreciated them, it was definitely one of the most sought after giveaways at the event. Thank you so much for imprinting and shipping these so quickly so we were able to use them for the event

Jessica Reschke, Marketing Coordinator, Meritage Homes, Orlando, FL

The CapaBunga was one of the first items I bought when I started my wine accessories pop up store. To this day it is one of my top sellers at every location from market days to private events at country clubs! Drinking wine is fun-but great items like the CapaBunga and the CapaBubbles just make it more fun! I am always delighted by the number of people who have not seen how they work and the chance to do a demonstration. You have to see it in action-and the sales just follow.

Patti Biro - Owner, Wine-tique, A Petite Wine Accessories Boutique/Retail Consultant and Speaker, Fredricksburg, TX

The Cheese Vault is the ultimate home cheese storage unit – I store my cheese in it instead of using plastic wrap

Lynn Giacomini Stray, Owner, Point Reyes Farmstead, Point Reyes, CA

I got some of these at a women fair a few years back. I LOVE THEM! I love that they do not leak so you can place your wine bottles on their sides in the fridge. I also love that they don't stick up like other wine stoppers. These really are the best and the only ones I use now. I just bought more for a friend. I highly recommend this product.

Rachel R.