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How do I clean my Market Tote and Insert?

We always recommend pretreating the Canvas Market Tote with Scotch Guard or similar, so stains are repelled. You cannot machine wash the tote because of the vegan leather handles and base.

However, after a stain has happened, we recommend spot cleaning the canvas with a damp sponge and possibly even a stain remover like Hate Stains.

As for the insert the best way to clean that is to turn it inside out and rinse it out and then either wipe dry with a towel or let dry on its own.

What are tote+able canteens and flask made of?

The exterior is made of heavy weight (18oz)100% cotton canvas.  The interior is made of a food grade, BPA free, multi layer plastic which was originally developed for baby bottle liners.

How do I clean them?

At the end of the day partially fill your flask or canteen with warm water (with a little dish soap if you like) put the push pull spout back on and agitate, rinse again, drain, and set on your dish rack upside down until dry.  You can hand wash the exterior with a mild detergent, for tough wine stains use wine o’ way.

What kind of beverages can I put in them?

All kinds; juice, water, wine.  Even distilled beverages like whiskey and gin.  Carbonated beverages are more difficult because they foam up when you pour them into our canteens.

Do the liners transmit flavors or smells?

No, the liner material does not transmit flavors and smells.  Just rinse between beverage changes.  Some of our best customers are wineries and they are very critical of any changes to their wine’s taste or aroma.

Can I put them in the dish washer?

We don’t recommend it.  Your dishwasher does not have a way to find the opening and clean the inside.  Just use our fill and agitate instructions.  That’s all that is needed.

Do they keep my beverage cold?

Even though the canvas is very heavy it is not designed to thermal insulate.  However, you can fill your canteen or flask with about 25% of its capacity (your beverage).  Put it in the freezer for a few hours.  Then fill to the top, it will keep the contents cold for hours.

Can I customize tote+able products?

Yes, because we build to order, you can customize any of our tote+able products with your own art, logo, or just add a name or message to one of our stock designs.

Why should I choose canvas flasks and canteens?

Because they are really cool!  They fold up when empty, they are reusable, unbreakable, and will last for years.  Like a t-shirt you can make your own fashion statement with 100’s of designs to choose from.

What if I want to take them to a concert or sporting event?

Well, we don’t recommend ever breaking the law, but without the carabiner, they have about as much metal as the rivets on your jeans; nearly undetectable.