Grocery Tote

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Broken eggs.  Bruised peaches.  Bags falling over? These are just some of the problems you encounter at the grocery store with a large, floppy bag.  Your only solution is to pile all your purchases on top of one another and hope the bag or basket doesn’t tip over on your way home.

The Grocery Tote, a sister of the original Market Tote, is your solution. Divide your bounty into separate compartments and keep eggs, glass bottles and your most fragile food intact. The sturdy, structured construction and vegan leather base allows the bag to stand on its own as you wind your way back home. 

Grocery Tote size is  and can hold up to at least 55lbs (more than most people can carry). 

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: For best results, treat Grocery Tote with a spray-on protectant such as Scotch Guard before first use. Spot clean with warm soapy water and a sponge on canvas and vegan leather and allow to air dry. 


  • Bag measures 19.5"x12x10”
  • Handles are 12" from bag to top of handle
  • 4 internal pockets measuring 3.75"x3.75"x10"
  • 1 Internal pocket measuring 7.5"x4.5"x10"
  • 2 large sections measuring 12"x6"x10"


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Perfect for car trips

This worked so well for a vacation (car trip). Everything was organized and I didn’t have to scrounge in my duffel for anything. I haven’t used it yet for grocery shopping but I think I might buy a second bag for just that!

Lori Roszczynialski
Grocery Tote

It is amazing and I have been telling my friends about it and they ordered one for themselves! Perfect and great way to eliminate the plastic bags. So happy to have found Capabunga!

David Ashbaugh
Grocery Tote

Great Tote for grocery store pickup. Lots of room and dividers for everything.

Lana Mantooth
Beautiful bag

The grocery tote is perfect…spacious and appears very well made. Cannot wait to shop and fill it up!

Pamela Robb
Tote-a-ly Awsome Tote

I love the new note. I know...I is described as a grocery tote, but I'm going to use this sturdy tote, storing in the trunk of my car, during golf season to store all of my golf paraphernalia; balls, tees, shoes, water bottles, snacks, an extra set of clothes in case I fall into a pond. I can't wait for the next golf the meantime...I will use it as a grocery tote...BUT! as a golf's gonna be fantastic!