Wine Products

Tired of wine accessories that don't work and don't deliver on what they promise? We were too so we set out to create wine accessories that actually function the way they should. Who needs a problem when you're trying to just enjoy a glass of wine with friends or family?

All of our wine accessories are invented by two wine industry veterans who knew the foibles of the existing products and set out to invent solutions to them.

- Open your wine bottle with ease, no crumbling cork, no difficult extraction, no sore palm from the corkscrew digging into it. 

- Identify your wine glass without the charm falling off your glass, without the annoying rattle and without having to remember which one you were given

- Reseal your open wine and lay it on its side without fear of leaking, fit it in the fridge door without rearranging the contents.

- Reseal your sparkling wine and keep bubbles fresh for up to a week by turning your champagne bottle into a screw cap. Keep the bubbles in the bubbly instead of it evaporating into the air with a pop!

- Tote your favorite wine to a dinner party or as a gift.