Prosecco Perfecto

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Do you hate that you can't just have a glass of bubbles anytime you want because you think you have to finish the whole bottle?

Are you tired of only having bubbles on special occasions? 

Want to open some bubbles for brunch but want to save the rest for later?

Now you can have Champagne and Sparkling Wine anytime you want!! 

CapaBubbles® is a reusable silicone cap that reseals a bottle of sparkling wine once it is opened. An adaptation of the original CapaBunga®, it transforms a bottle of sparkling wine into a screw cap bottle. The cap has a threaded insert that once unscrewed from the base clips under the flange of the sparkling wine bottle, the cap is then twisted down on top of this piece preserving the bubbles in your Champagne or Sparkling wine for up to one week.

DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN as it may cause the cap to crack.

It is simple to use with the added bonus that the low profile means it can easily fit in a fridge door and a user can control the amount of effervescence unlike a traditional bouchon stopper where gas escapes abruptly. The video below also shows clearly how CapaBubbles works.



To remove the clip after finishing the bottle. Check to make sure you are trying to open the right side opposite the pin. Use the thumb tabs and pull away from each other. If still too tight slide a butter knife under the tab & pull apart and away from the pin. The key is to make sure you’re not doing this on the side where the pin is. 

Customer Reviews

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Cool design

It’s nice when something works well and also looks good.

Penny Walker
like these

It took me a few minutes to figure out how to do the champagne/prosecco style, but I have found these helpful. No tall stoppers that keep your bottles from fitting in the refrigerator.

Super cute.

My daughter will love this. So functional & a great gift item.

Steven Mergentheimer

Great way to save your bubbly

Champagne topper

Great product - doesn’t leak and maintains the quality of the wine - the wine usually doesn’t last long anyway- thank you for producing such good products - they all work as indicated.