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Chile n Cheez

Chile n Cheez

Another wonderful appetizer perfect for Cinco de Mayo or any other festive event where you want the snacks to be demolished quickly. This one was inspired by a wonderful restaurant in Santa Barbara California - La Superica (one of Walt and Julia Child's faves) If you're ever in the area it's a must visit kinda place - be prepared however as the lines can be quite long.

3 poblano peppers  1 cup jack cheese
2 ears of fresh corn ½ cup heavy cream
½ yellow onion, minced 1 tbsp butter
½ cup cotija cheese Salt and pepper to taste

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. 

Using a gas burner or other open flame, thoroughly char the outside of the poblanos. Use long tongs to maneuver the peppers so that they are evenly charred.  Place in bowl and cover to let them steam for 15 minutes.  Remove from bowl and cut off top and bottom of peppers.  Sliced lengthwise to open like a book, then remove the seeds and spines.  Flip over and scrape the charred skin off using the back of a knife.  Slice pepper into strips then cut crosswise into ½ inch squares and set aside.

Heat a nine inch Cazuela (or small pan that can go in the oven) over medium low heat.  Add butter.  When softened, add onion and cook until starting to brown, about 15 minutes.  While onions cook, shuck corn and remove kernels with a sharp knife into a mixing bowl.  When onion is cooked, add to corn.  Add all other ingredients, stir thoroughly and season.  Scrape out ingredients into Cazuela, place in oven and cook until bubbling, approximately 25 minutes.

 Don't forget your leftover Cotija will last extra long in the Cheese Vault

Serve with tortilla chips or soft corn tortillas.


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