Cheese Vaults®

  • Have you been storing your cheese in plastic wrap or plastic bags, thinking its the best way?
  • Tired of searching behind the bacon in the fridge drawer to see what cheese 'nuggets" you have left, only to find they're rancid?
  • Tired of paying $35+/pound for cheese that you have to throw away because it molded too fast?
  • Tired of being met with a stinky cheese odor when you open your fridge?
  • Forgetting what cheese you have in the fridge as you threw away the label when you re-wrapped it?

These are some of the many reasons we invented the Cheese Vault.

The Cheese Vault is a simple and reusable way to store your artisan cheese. Cheese experts agree that the worst possible way to store your cheese is the way we all do it – by wrapping it in plastic wrap. Cheese needs to “breathe” and eliminate excess moisture to maintain its flavor and delay molding just like in a cheese cave. Until now, the only recommended solution for proper cheese storage was to use disposable wrappers or bags.

Features and Benefits

    • Made of food-grade silicone that imparts no flavors (size 6x4x3.5”)

    • Base is designed to wick away excess moisture thereby delaying mold

    • Top is designed so any moisture that might collect on the interior lid is directed away from the cheese

    • The divider can be used to separate two smaller pieces of cheese, keeping each piece fresh and tasty without mingling flavors

    • The two ends are polished so the name and date can be written with a ballpoint pen for easy identification then erased and reused. Remove any writing BEFORE exposing to the heat of dishwashing otherwise it will be permanently baked on.

    • Smells from the fridge do not impact the cheese inside, nor do the cheese aromas take over the fridge

    • Sized to make stacking simple so two or more can take up as little space in the fridge as possible

    • Recommended for firmer cheeses 
How to use (It couldn't be simpler)
  • Put cheese inside unwrapped

  • Identify the name of the cheese and date stored on the end

  • Put the lid on top and store in the refrigerator

No more digging through the fridge trying to locate the source of the stink - you can rest easy knowing your expensive artisan cheese is being stored in pristine condition.


"The Cheese Vault is the ultimate home storage unit - I store my cheese in it instead of using plastic wrap" " Lynn Giacomini Stray, Owner, Point Reyes Farmstead, Point Reyes, CA

"Treasure Chest - Your leftover Manchego deserves a happier fate than turning moldy in plastic wrap" Oprah Magazine, December 2016

"Best Gear 2019. Plastic wrap is out - cheese vaults are in. Silicone walls wick moisture away from cheese and a polished exterior allows for easy labeling with a penCulture Magazine (the word on cheese), December 2019

"4 products you need to keep your cheese fresh. Caves provide the ideal conditions for most cheeses: They’re dark, cool, and maintain their humidity levels, which is why they’ve been used to age cheese since time immemorial. This matchbox-sized cheese vault performs quite a similar feat, without the bats or ghost miners, plus it can fit on a fridge door shelf. Silicone walls wick moisture away from cheese while giving it room to breathe, and a handy adjustable divider wall can separate two cheeses that might not play too nicely together. Use a cheese vault for more sensitive cheeses, like your double creams and smooth Alpine stylesCulture Magazine (the word on cheese), June 2021

After 40 days—let me say that again: 40 days!—the cheese still had zero signs of mold. It’s a greener way to keep cheese...For serious cheese connoisseurs, this product is a must! Right now, mine is chock full. Lisa Kaminski, Taste of Home, January 2020

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