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Six Wines Under $15 - January Edition

Six Wines Under $15 - January Edition

For over 20 years Walt and I enjoyed all the benefits that came with being wine professionals. From lavish meals at five star restaurants to drinking some of the world's best wines in some of the prettiest vineyards. We could wax lyrically with the best of them about the pluses of a fine Burgundy, Bordeaux, Chateauneuf du Pape or Single Vineyard Old Vine Zinfandel and we bartered with many fellow professionals swapping great finds. However, the benefit we probably miss the most is being able to buy expensive wine at drastically reduced prices (often wholesale)!!

When you've been a wine professional as long as we have, it can be hard not to drink quality wine all the time but we all have limits and in our case a kid's college payment looming. So can you drink quality wine at affordable prices? With a little bit of knowledge and a good relationship with your local wine store you can (our local fave is Bottle Barn in Santa Rosa, CA). We'd like to share some of our value finds with you. Today we're going to start monthly recommendations of 6 wines, all under $15 (taxes and prices change per state)

So to kick off January's recommendations we're choosing three whites and three reds, all of which we drink and/or share with friends regularly. We highly recommend, if you don't have one already, finding a local wine store where you can build rapport with the wine professional. Once they start to understand your palate and what you like, it will be easier for them to make recommendations you'll love.

If you know what you like already, we hope our selections broaden your horizons and if you're a relative novice, we hope they'll help get you started, The good news is, they're all delicious and affordable - a winning combo. 

Download a printable list HERE

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