Cheese Vault (for Soft Cheese)

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Tired of paying $35+/pound for cheese that you have to throw away because it molded too fast?

Tired of being met with a stinky cheese odor when you open your fridge?

Forgetting what cheese you have in the fridge as you threw away the label when you re-wrapped it?

These are some of the many reasons why we invented the original Cheese Vault and now the Cheese Vault for Soft Cheese.

It is a simple and reusable way to store your artisan cheese. Cheese experts agree that the worst possible way to store your cheese is the way we all do it – by wrapping it in plastic wrap. Cheese needs to “breathe” and eliminate excess moisture to maintain its flavor and delay molding just like in a cheese cave. Until now, the only recommended solution for proper cheese storage was to use disposable wrappers or bags. 

Features and Benefits

    • Made of food-grade silicone that imparts no flavors (size 5x5x3.5”)

    • The removable base is designed to wick away excess moisture thereby delaying mold and is easy to clean

    • Top is designed so any moisture that might collect on the interior lid is directed away from the cheese

    • The two ends are polished so the name and date can be written with a ballpoint pen for easy identification then erased and reused

    • Smells from the fridge do not impact the cheese inside, nor do the cheese aromas take over the fridge

    • Recommended for soft cheeses

    • Dishwasher Safe

 How to use (It couldn't be simpler)

  • Put cheese inside unwrapped

  • Identify the name of the cheese and date stored on either of the shorter ends with a medium size ballpoint pen

  • Put the lid on top and store in the refrigerator

To Clean

The Cheese Vault is dishwasher safe however please remove any writing before placing in the dishwasher. If you put the Vault in the dishwasher with writing on it the heat from the dishwasher will permanently brand the side of the Vault by baking the ink into the sides. 

We prefer to use the side of a scrubbing sponge and soapy water to remove any writing on the side. We then allow it to air dry upside down.


Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Martha Christopherson
Cheese vault is great!

The vault works great. My cheese stays fresh and there’s no more messing around with plastic wrap or multiple storage containers. We usually have two types of cheese open so the divider in the vault is great.

My wife keeps ordering Cheese Vaults

Curse you Capabunga! I bought my wife two Cheese Vaults and she loved them so much that she had me order four more for her friends. She doesn’t have a great track record for paying me back (but I love her)! Her feedback is that she loves, loves, loves the Cheese Vault!

François S

It's a great gadget...
I am very satisfied.
Thanks Maire

Kathy M
Great gift!

I was so happy to get a cheese vault for my cheese loving friends. Perfect Christmas gift, with a Capabubbles thrown in!

Deb Winzeler

Finally, a great and reliable solution to storing cheese! Love these cheese vaults!